Water Under Fire

December 9, 2004 :: Dr. Jim Byrne, Dr. Rick Mrazek
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Canada''s water is under escalating pressure from a host of threats. Increasingly, our water is being tainted, misused and over-allocated. The days when we could afford to take water for granted are gone.

University of Lethbridge researchers Dr. Jim Byrne (Geography) and Dr. Rick Mrazek (Education/Graduate Studies) have teamed up with local video producer George Gallant (Gallant Productions) to produce an informative and captivating seven-part television series on the state of water in Canada.

Portions of their Water Under Fire television series will be shown to SACPA attendees, followed by lunch and the opportunity to ask the producers questions about the state of our water, as well as the ins and outs of producing and marketing a TV series.

The Water Under Fire series is hosted by Bob McDonald, a veteran science reporter and host of CBC Radio’s Quirks and Quarks. The program brings the voices of many Canadian scientists who are studying the issue together and provides nationwide context. Viewers will understand how water systems in Canada and around the globe are inter-related and inter-dependent with long term quality of our environment, and our lives.

Water Under Fire is scheduled to air nationally on Canadian Learning Television (CLT) at the end of December. Saskatchewan Communications Network, The Knowledge Network and TV Ontario will all be scheduling the series in the New Year. For more detailed information, visit http://www.waterunderfire.com

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