The Next Tsunami

September 19, 2005 :: Trevor Page
Moderated by Dianne King

The images of death and destruction from the Asian tsunami have given
way to unbelievably similar scenes coming from the Gulf Coast of the
United States in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. But the problem is far
from over in Asia.

Veteran United Nations aid worker Trevor Page was called back into
action earlier this year to help restructure the tsunami relief
operation in Indonesia. The UN’s immediate response to the humanitarian
needs in Aceh saved hundreds of thousands of people from starvation and

But the UN World Food Programme wanted to move on from relief to
rehabilitation and reconstruction to help the displaced population get
on with their lives. Illustrating his talk with slides, Trevor will
speak about the operation in Aceh, how it was compounded by a major
earthquake on the island of Nias in North Sumatra, and the warnings from
the world’s leading seismologists that another tsunami could devastate
the coastline of West Sumatra at any time.

Speaker: Trevor Page worked for the United Nations for over 30 years.
Most of the time he was posted in various parts of Africa and Asia, but
he also served at the headquarters of the World Food Programme where he
was responsible for emergency humanitarian assistance worldwide.

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