How Would Alberta Look Under an Alliance Govt?

January 12, 2006 :: Paul Hinman
Moderated by Terry Shillington

Political change in Alberta?

Some political observers say, when the Alberta Provincial Conservative
Government is eventually defeated, it will be by another conservative
party and philosophy – as the Social Credit were defeated by the
Progressive Conservative Party.

Is the emergence of the Alberta Alliance Party a sign of things to come?
Is this a party on the rise? This is a chance to find out what the
Alberta Alliance party stands for, and where it would take Alberta.

Speaker: Paul Hinman

Paul Hinman is Leader of the Alberta Alliance Party. He was first elected as MLA for the Cardston-Taber-Warner constituency in the 2004 Provincial election – to many a surprise. In November, 2005, he was elected on the third ballot as leader of the party.He has 4 children, grew up on a farm near Fort McLeod and has been a farmer,rancher and small businessman.

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