Poverty in a Land of Plenty

January 5, 2006 :: Stasha Donahue
Moderated by Bob Campbell

How does poverty impact our community?
What steps can be taken to alleviate the problem?
What should our political leaders be doing?

The South West Alberta Coalition on Poverty is a regional group of individuals, groups, and agencies working together to reduce poverty and effects on children, families and communities in southwest Alberta by:

- Advocating for healthy public policy
- Increasing awareness
- Strengthening community capacities
- Mobilizing community action, and
- Supporting creative solutions

In fall 2005, the coalition released its second regional report on child poverty in south-west Alberta. The report was undertaken in an effort to understand the prevalence and severity of child poverty and related impacts in southern Alberta.

Speaker: Stasha Donahue. Stasha Donahue is the Co-Chair of the South West Alberta Coalition on Poverty, is a Health Promotion Specialist with the Chinook Health Region.

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