Oldman Watershed: Finding the Balance

January 19, 2006 :: Wendy Devent
Moderated by Jill Kotkas

In Alberta, our quality of life -- and life itself -- depends on having
a safe and sustainable water supply for the environment, our
communities, and economic well-being.

Population growth, agricultural and industrial developments are
increasing the demand and pressure on Alberta''s water supplies, our
economy, and our aquatic ecosystems.

In order to balance these demands, watershed management planning is needed.

A Watershed Management Plan is a detailed strategy for maintaining,
protecting and restoring the natural resources within a watershed, by
establishing partnerships with the common goal of watershed protection.

The Oldman Watershed Council is a not-for-profit organization that is
working in partnership with communities and residents to improve the
Oldman River Watershed. Their goal is to maintain and improve the Oldman
River Watershed through partnerships, knowledge, and the implementation
and integration of sustainable water management and land use practices.

Speaker: Wendy Devent.

Wendy Devent is the Executive Director for the Oldman Watershed Council,
based in Lethbridge, AB. She received her Bachelor of Science degree
from the University of British Columbia in 1996 and has been working in
the environmental field ever since. Her role with the Council is to
integrate the activities of the various teams’ work on water management,
water quality, and land-use practices. Much of her work is focused on
educating and encouraging Oldman River Watershed residents and
stakeholders to recognize that water is a limited resource and that this
limited resource needs to be protected, improved and shared in a
sustainable manner.

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