OPEN FORUM ON HEALTH CARE: A Meeting of a Different Sort

March 23, 2006 ::
Moderated by Ed Bardock

The Premier has asked Albertans to provide him and his caucus with feedback on the approach to health care known as the Third Way. Premier Klein wants to know what we have to say and he has given us until the end of March to speak up. SACPA is providing an opportunity for you to come and have your say.

The meeting will not follow the usual format. There will be no speaker with all the answers. Nobody has all the answers. All we know is the Third Way is coming to the Legislature and that Albertans have been asked to provide their views on it.

So the speakers will be you – the people gathered. The gathering will be moderated and covered by Shaw TV as usual. SACPA will thus be facilitating the Premier’s request for feedback.

The end of March is soon upon us. This is an opportunity for persons of all persuasions to be heard.

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