First Nations Affairs in the 21st Century

April 27, 2006 :: Myron Wolf Child
Moderated by Cheryl Bradley

The last century has not been kind to First Nations in Canada. The dawning of the 21st century finds First Nations peoples struggling to assert themselves in the nation’s economy.

Residential schools and policy brutality are a violent and sad legacy still affecting aboriginal youth.

What barriers are there to First Nations success in business? How can these barriers be addressed? What promising directions are there for settling land claims and for improved governance on and off reserves?

Speaker: Myron Wolf Child

Myron (MJ) Wolf Child is a third-year student at the University of Lethbridge working towards a law degree. He is recipient of the Bill Chapman Students’ Union Certificate of Distinction. Myron ran as an independent in the federal riding of Macleod and on January 23, 2006 achieved his goal of receiving over 1000 votes. He has dreams of one day being elected to the House of Commons and making the world a better place for aboriginal youth. Myron has served on numerous youth organizations throughout the province and has helped establish several successful First Nations youth groups in southern Alberta. He encourages youth to pursue their dreams. In the first few decades of his life, Myron has addressed not only many audiences in his community but also world leaders at the United Nations.

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