What are the Burning Issues for Alberta?

May 25, 2006 :: Dave Hancock
Moderated by Ruth Elzinga

The Alberta economy is booming. People from across the country and
abroad are pouring into the province. Yet, we still face labour
shortages. House prices are going through the roof. Despite our huge
resources of oil and natural gas, the cost to Alberta consumers is

How long can the can the boom last?

And what about the quality of life for Albertans?

There are still no clear plans for health care. The affordability of
post-secondary education is still a serious concern. Are we really
committed to preserving our environment for generations to come, or are
we hell-bent on reaping short-term economic gains, such as the
exploitation of the oil sands? Are we investing enough in non-polluting,
sustainable forms of energy? Will we ever be anything other than an oil

With the Ralph Klein era over, we have a rare opportunity to address the
issues that Albertans care about. Will our new political leaders seize it?

Speaker: Dave Hancock

Dave Hancock is in his third term as the MLA for Edmonton-Whitemud. He
has served as Minister of Advanced Education and as Government House
Leader, Vice Chair of the Standing Policy Committee on Education and
Employment, and as a member of the Agenda and Priorities Committee and
the Treasury Board.

Mr. Hancock has also served as Minister of Justice and Attorney General,
and as Minister of Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Affairs.

Born in Fort Resolution, N.W.T., Dave Hancock is a lawyer by profession.
He was a partner with Matheson and Company, Barristers and Solicitors
before entering public service. He received his law degree from the
University of Alberta in 1979.

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