Making the Most of Alberta''s Tar Sands

October 26, 2006 :: Cosmos Voutsinos
Moderated by Duane Pendergast

Alberta’s government and industry have come a long way with the development of a one- time curiosity into a world class oil resource. However, environmental dangers and unregulated urban growth are a cause for concern. Cosmos Voutsinos is an engineer, consultant and entrepreneur with ideas to share on how to make the most of the tar sands.

Mr. Voutsinos will speak about:

• World production and use of energy.
• Depletion of oil resources and the coming day of reckoning
• Orderly production and use of Alberta’s tar sands oil avoiding adverse environmental and social consequences
• A model plan to develop a transition to alternate forms of energy

Speaker: Cosmos Voutsinos

Mr. Voutsinos earned a Bachelor of Arts and Science in mechanical (systems) engineering, from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Engineering in nuclear engineering from McMaster University. His engineering career included design engineering, construction management and energy consultation with the nuclear industry in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Taiwan.
Cosmos turned his mind to business in the early 1990’s. He established a company, Adtech Manufacturing Ltd. in 1989, which produces monitoring and control equipment to operate in adverse environments such as those found inside nuclear reactors or outer space. He sold Adtech in 2002 and now makes Lethbridge his home port.

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