Peace in the Holy Land

December 21, 2006 :: Garry Kohn & Tad Mitsui
Moderated by Terry Shillington

Will there be peace in the Holy Land?
When will it come?
What needs to be done to create peace in the Near East?
Who is at fault in the latest round of hostilities?
How should we understand the tensions and various players in Israel,
Palestine, Lebanon, etc.?

Moderator: Terry Shillington
Speakers: Gary Kohn and Tad Mitsui

Two speakers will explore this with us

- in the shadows of Christmas:

Garry Kohn is the leader of the Jewish community in Lethbridge. He "has long
been a real zionist". He has been to Israel 5 times - from 1966 to 1984,
serving as a volunteer in the Israeli army in war of 1967. He brings insight
and passion for the Israeli survival issues in the Near East. He has been a
local business man and volunteer in Lethbridge since 1968.

Tad Mitsui three years ago was a human rights monitor for the World Council
of Churches in Israel and Palestine, representing the United Church of
Canada. For 22 years, he was a contact person on behalf of six protestant
churches which supported Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, the West Bank, and
Gaza - - working for peace in both countries.. Tad has also taught theology
at a university in Lesotho, Southern Africa, where he taught with Desmond

Cost - $8.00 at Ericksen''s Family restaurant, 1715 Mayor Magrath Dr. S.
Lethbridge, Alberta

Included - some fine instrumental music, as we enjoy the mood of the season.

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