New Year, New Leaders, New Elections?

February 1, 2007 :: Dr. Peter McCormick
Moderated by Cameron MacLennan

Alberta has a brand new Provincial government under Ed Stelmach and Canada is now in the 2nd year of a minority PC government.

What are the issues facing these governments?

What are the prospects for an election or two?

In this time of political change, what do we really need to be watching?

SPEAKER – Dr. Peter McCormick, Professor and Dept. Chair of the Political Science Dept., University of Lethbridge,
long time friend of the S. A. Council on Public Affairs

Moderator – Cam MacLennan, lawyer in the law firm of

Huckvale, Wild, Harvie & MacLennan

Cost - $8.00 at Ericksen’s Family restaurant, 1715 Mayor Magrath Dr. S.

Lethbridge, Alberta

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