Unfair Play: Barriers to Accessing Sports Programs and Facilities in Lethbridge

April 12, 2007 :: Tom Hopkins
Moderated by Chris Spearman

Despite our city¹s apparent affluence, many youth in Lethbridge do not have
access to sport and recreation opportunities. Limited incomes,
transportation issues and other numerous and complex challenges prevent
participation in even the most basic recreational programs and services that
most families take for granted. Those children denied access may be the ones
who would benefit most from recreating and playing sports with their peers.
Leveling the playing field would benefit the entire community.

Tom Hopkins, Manager of Recreation Parks and Culture for the City of
Lethbridge will define the challenges faced by children in our community who
wish to play but can¹t. Information garnered from various planning
processes and community surveys provides the background in understanding the
issues. Why are we failing to provide the broad needs of our community in
sport and recreation? What opportunities may there be for assistance and

Speaker: Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins started work with the City of Lethbridge as a Lifeguard. He held
management positions with Transit and Leisure Facilities prior to becoming
Manager of Recreation Parks and Culture. He is currently overseeing
development of a Recreation and Culture Master Plan, a Parks and Bicycle and
Pathways Master Plan and a Sport and Recreation Policy.

Tom also has worked with several not-for-profit organizations locally and
provincially. He is past president of the Recreation Facility Personnel
Association of Alberta.

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