The 1989 Montreal Massacre and its Widespread Social Significance

December 6, 2007 :: Kristine Cassie & Kerri Potvin
Moderated by Sylvia Campbell

On Dec 6, 1989 a 25 year old man, Marc Lepine, walked into the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal and shot to death 14 women, wounding 13 others. The names of the murdered women are listed at the end of this notice.

The Montreal Massacre was an appalling tragedy, which has now taken its place in Canadian history, remembered mainly as an ultimate example of male violence against women.

Exploring the importance of this tragedy may involve looking beyond gender violence, which mainly occurs against women. The broader social significance of the Montreal Massacre relates to ideas about work and relationships, as well as, opportunities for participation and fulfillment in today’s ever increasing competitive world.

Single parent women are at an all time high, many of whom make only minimum wages while working. Consequently some women are left vulnerable, often living below the poverty line.

Are women less likely to encounter violence and adversity today than 18 years earlier?

Speakers: Kristine Cassie and Kerri Potvin

Kristine is the CEO for YWCA Lethbridge & District and has been with the YWCA in various capacities for over 16 years. She currently co-chairs the Domestic Violence Action Committee. Kristine also serves on many similar committees around Southern Alberta.

Kerri Potvin has been a dedicated staff member at Lethbridge & District YWCA for over 20 years. Her work has been focused on women and children of YWCA Harbour House, where Kerri’s knowledge and compassion have helped numerous victims of family violence. She is on several committees and aid in the training of staff/ volunteers involved with victims of violence.

Time: Noon - 1:30 PM

Cost: $10.00 (includes lunch)

Names of the murdered women:

* Geneviève Bergeron (b. 1968), civil engineering student.
* Hélène Colgan (b. 1966), mechanical engineering student.
* Nathalie Croteau (b. 1966), mechanical engineering student.
* Barbara Daigneault (b. 1967), mechanical engineering student.
* Anne-Marie Edward (b. 1968), chemical engineering student.
* Maud Haviernick (b. 1960), materials engineering student.
* Maryse Laganière (b. 1964), budget clerk at the École Polytechnique.
* Maryse Leclair (b. 1966), materials engineering student.
* Anne-Marie Lemay (b. 1967), mechanical engineering student.
* Sonia Pelletier (b. 1961), mechanical engineering student.
* Michèle Richard (b. 1968), materials engineering student.
* Annie St-Arneault (b. 1966), mechanical engineering student.
* Annie Turcotte (b. 1969), materials engineering student.
* Barbara Klucznik-Widajewicz (b. 1958), nursing student.

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