Oil Sands and Environmental Management

January 8, 2009 :: Shannon Flint
Moderated by Duane Pendergast

Our newspapers are full of stories that the development of the oil sands is forging ahead without regard to the environmental impact on the immediate area or the consequences to the world as a whole.

What rules and regulations are in place to protect the environment and are they adequate?

Alberta Environment is charged with environmental oversight in our province and Shannon Flint will discuss its ongoing role in oil sands development and production. Actions taken to limit adverse effects on land, water, air and biodiversity will be discussed in the context of the totality of those assets in the region. Environmental protection regulations and practices that have been established over the years will be identified. The evolving use of the resource through the coming decades to include continuing restoration of affected land areas to an ecologically productive state is an important goal.

Speaker: Shannon Flint

Shannon Flint is Executive Director of Strategic Policy and Innovation with the Oil Sands Environmental Management Division of Alberta Environment. Prior to joining the Division, Shannon played a key role in bringing forward the Province''s Climate Change and Emissions Management Act and associated regulations. She has held previous positions in government looking at trade policy, royalty policy and revenue forecasting. She has also worked in the research area heading up the Carbon and Energy Management unit at the Alberta Research Council. She holds a Bachelor of Management degree from the University of Lethbridge.

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