A Muslim and Christian in Dialogue

December 16, 2010 :: Shukrulla Khan and Brenda Kersell
Moderated by Terry Shillington

Many of our contemporary global tensions pit Christian and Islamic nations against one another. Each camp often views the other with deep distrust and even hatred. At least that is what the media repeatedly tell us. How urgent that we talk to one another – with respect and careful listening. How appropriate that we have this conversation as Christians yearn for peace at Christmas time.

This topic will feature a Christian and a Muslim in conversation about the great matters of faith – the scriptures, God, evil, violence, the place of women, radical fundamentalists, and more. And even better, you will be able to ask your questions of both.

Speakers: Shukrulla Khan and Brenda Kersell

Shukrulla Kahn is a local Muslim and business man. He was born in Bangalore, India, taught Islamic sign design in Saudi Arabia, and came to Lethbridge seven years ago. He is also the president of the local Muslim faith community. He is married to Shamshad Khan and is father to 2 boys (12 & 6) and a baby girl (1 Mo.). He is the owner of SK SIGNS and is a person of deep faith.

Brenda Kersell is a local United Church of Canada minister (at First United Church). She arrived in this community this past July 1, after serving seven years in Red Deer. She has also lived and served in several prairie communities. A teacher before gong into ministry, she is the proud mother of Graeme and is also a person of deep faith.

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