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By László Holics

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This selection of workouts, compiled for proficient highschool scholars, encourages creativity and a deeper figuring out of principles whilst fixing physics difficulties. defined as 'far past high-school level', this ebook grew out of the concept instructing usually are not goal for the simply regimen, yet problem scholars and stretch their skill via creativity and thorough comprehension of ideas.

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B) What will the tem perature of the enclosed air be? mics 2. Th erm ody namics Problem s Problem 211. Consider the system of two pistons in two cy linders shown in the Figure. The cylinder walls and the pistons are good thermal in sulators. initially, the pressure of the air in all three compartments is 20 N/emn 2 , and the temperature is O °C . The filament in the leftmost 20 em compartment is heated for a short time. As a result, the pistons move 5 em to 20 em the right. '" E '" E a) What are the resulting pressures?

Each half of the cylinder contain s 4 g of helium at 0 °C . The wa ll s of the co ntainer and the pi ston are perfect in sul ators. There is a 220 V heater of resistance 242 n in the lower part. 5 °C? The spec ific heats of helium are cp = 5230 J j(kg · K ) and c v =3140 J /( kg ·K) . Problem 209. For a gi ven amount of nitroge n gas the initi al, minimum temperature is To, whil e the max imum temperatu re is 4To . The gas is fi rst heated at constant volu me, then it is all owed to expand at co nstant pressure.

In a cylindc r, whose cross-sec ti ona l area is 20 (" 111 2 • a fri cti onless pi ston o f mass 7. 2 kg e ncloses a 33 (" Ill hi gh air co lumn at 0 °C so th at there is a 7 Clll hi gh e mpty part above the pi ston as shown. 8 g/d m J rcspec ti ve ly, the spcc ifi c heat of the air at 2 co nstant vo lume is 0. 7,J /(g I< ). Usc g= 101ll /S a) Mc rc ury is po ured int o the empt y part above thL: piston unti l the cyli nder is ful l. Find thc mass of the mcrcury co lumn . ) b) The air is th en heated very slowly un ti l all the mcrcury run s out fro m the cy linder.

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