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By Brian Heagney

ISBN-10: 1453687815

ISBN-13: 9781453687819

It's Alphabetic Anarchy!

the single ABC's of Anarchy publication compatible for kids of every age. babies will love the imagery, little toddlers will thrive on studying the alphabet, and preschoolers will take up the content material whereas studying to learn.

each web page comprises insightful questions appropriate for kids or adults. even if you basically are looking to plow through the alphabet together with your youngest, or have a considerate attractive dialogue approximately lifestyles together with your mom, this ebook is for you.

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What are some human-made borders you encounter on a daily basis? is for Xylography Xylography is the art of printmaking by woodcutting. Lots of propaganda (especially anarchist propaganda) has been produced using Xylography. What was the last picture you drew? What are all of the different ways you have made pieces of art? is for Youth Hostel A Youth Hostel is an inexpensive alternative to a hotel. When spending the night at a Youth Hostel, you might stay in a large room with many people. Fortunately, this enables you to meet new friends and share interesting stories.

Describe a situation where someone might try to force you to do something you don't want to do. What are some consequences of asserting your right to voluntarily participate? is for Without Borders A border is something that divides one area from another. Dictators and Nation-States divide the world into political zones as they see fit. However, viewing the Earth from space, we see a world without political borders, a world where the only boundaries are the great mountains and the vast seas. What are some naturally ocurring borders you encounter on a daily basis?

Adults Only) Thumbs: Stories, Sketches & Stupid Little Comic Strips The complete collection of Thumbs comic strips, by Brian Heagney. Kung. (All Ages) The Silly Boy A collection of "silly boy" puns, poems and sentence gags. This book will leave you crying for more and more, then less, then more again. (Young Adults and Older) The Silly Girl Basically, the same thing as The Silly Boy, but obviously a tiny bit different.

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