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One of many regularly acknowledged virtues of contemporary constitutional democracies is their skill to insure trustworthy and accredited equipment of political succession via election. This e-book specializes in one specific, even though no longer unusual, worry within the democratic mode of political succession: American vice-presidents who suppose workplace because of the dying, assassination or resignation of a president. 3 easy options via “accidental presidents” to set up and increase their legitimacy are pointed out and evaluated. whereas none are reliably winning, every one presents a lens to review the character of presidential energy and authority in addition to to give a contribution to a democratic concept of succession.

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Tyler knew, of course, that the effect of the legislation would be higher tariffs and distribution after the time limit expired. He vetoed the bill. Whigs considered passing another bill raising tariffs and continuing distribution but found that that public support for their battles with Tyler was waning in face of the deficit. They capitulated and passed the tariff alone that Tyler signed. 12 Now imbued with intense, even paranoid, feelings of executive tyranny, derived not only from their experience with Jackson but also from their identification with the English Whigs under George III, they became addicted to passing legislation designed to elicit vetoes.

Finally with his father’s help, the precocious Millard was able to attain a clerkship that he parlayed into other legal positions until he was admitted to the bar in 1823 and opened up his own office in East Aurora. Although he had networked with the National Republicans, the young Fillmore joined the Anti-Masonic Party and readily accepted Thurlow Weed’s tutelage. After serving four terms in the state assembly, Fillmore ran for Congress in 1832. Despite his election as an Anti-Masonic candidate, he switched to the Whig Party two years later and was elected to Congress for three more terms between 1836 and 1842.

While Fillmore could not use heroic military status as the anchor for a republican hero, he could devise a civilian equivalent. As a “republican servant,” he promised to govern in the public interest at the expense of his personal views and partisan beliefs. Fillmore also utilized the theme of personal sacrifice that surrounds the republican hero extending back to Cincinnatus who, like Washington, yearned to return to private life. The restrictions that bind the republican hero—his commitment to duty and service at the expense of his personal moral convictions and private happiness—secludes the monumental projects of the leader.

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