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By Benjamin Fine

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A survey of one-relator items of cyclics or teams with a unmarried defining relation, extending the algebraic learn of Fuchsian teams to the extra normal context of one-relator items and similar crew theoretical concerns. It presents a self-contained account of definite ordinary generalizations of discrete teams.

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D" corresponding t o a Sylow Hence Qx n Q Qx s Qx < S. But S" = S/Q, we have S~ i s isomorphic to a subgroup o f and i s generalized q u a t e r n i o n . Aut(L/0(L)) 2-subgroup with of U<3S~ Inn(L/0(L)). An easy lemma now implies t h a t S~ contains a normal semi-di­ hedral subgroup "D w i t h But i s c y c l i c by ( 4 ) . = QC$(Q) where Qx n ( < t > x D) U containing This forces S" = F = "D Q x . CS(Q) = ( < t > χ D)QX. Since i s a maximal subgroup of < tX> x S = QQXD |S/(QxD)|= 2 , Thus D)) < u 1 ( < t > χ D) tx = z where < z > = Z ( D ) .

Of oharacte~i8tic G. Mason, TlJJo of Cent~alize~8 theo~emB on of g~oups cha~acte~istia 2- type, (to appear). 3. J. G. Thompson. Non-solvable finite local subg~oups ~e solvable, g~oups Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. (1968), 383-437. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA~ SANTA CRUZ~ CALIFORNIA SANTA CRUZ 45 all of whose 3-STRUCTURE IN FINITE SIMPLE GROUPS BY MICHAEL J. COLLINS In the study of f i n i t e simple groups in local subgroups are prime 3. 2-constrained, attention which passes all 2- to the Gorenstein has discussed the situation where the 3- rank of each 2-local subgroup is at most one, and Mason that in which every 3-local subgroup is 3-constrained; we shall be concerned with situations general.

Whether or not the work is flawed is a matter for one's own conscience, however the validity of the second statement is undeniable. We shall discuss below some recent progress in this direction. 2· BACKGROUND: It has been apparent for a long while that the correct setting for axiomatization of group paper is that in which all 2-local subgroups are strained. (Recall that if p is a prime and 37 the N- 2-con- X a group, X GEOFFREY MASON is called p-constrained if C Y (P) < 0 . n (X) Λ a Sylow p-subgroup of 0Ρ.

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