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This booklet relies on one-semester classes given at Harvard in 1984, at Brown in 1985, and at Harvard in 1988. it's meant to be, because the identify indicates, a primary advent to the topic. however, a couple of phrases are so as concerning the reasons of the ebook. Algebraic geometry has built greatly during the last century. through the nineteenth century, the topic used to be practiced on a comparatively concrete, down-to-earth point; the most items of analysis have been projective types, and the options for the main half have been grounded in geometric buildings. This method flourished in the course of the heart of the century and reached its end result within the paintings of the Italian tuition round the finish of the nineteenth and the start of the twentieth centuries. eventually, the topic used to be driven past the boundaries of its foundations: by means of the top of its interval the Italian institution had advanced to the purpose the place the language and methods of the topic may well now not serve to precise or perform the information of its top practitioners.

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7rp is called projection from the point p to the hyperplane P"-1 . In terms of coordinates Z used earlier, this is simple: we just 3. Cones, Projections, and More About Products 35 set p . [Z0 9 • • • 9 Z,,] 1-* [Z0, • • • 5 Z n 11 - Suppose now that X is any projective variety in Pft not containing the point p. We may then restrict the map 7rp to the variety X to get a regular map P" ; the image X- = R(X) of 7rp : X this map is called the projection of X from p to Pn -1 . We then have the following basic theorem.

26 and denote by X = P 2 its image, the cuspidal curve Z0 Zi -= Z. , X ■ 2. 30 Regular Functions and Maps not regular, although its graph, being the same subset of X x P' as the graph of /2, is a subvariety of X x P 1 . 25. Fiber Products The notion of categorical product has a direct generalization: in any category, NAT given objects X, Y, and B and morphisms cp: X B and Y B, the fiber > Y product of X and Y over B, denoted X x B Y, is defined to be the object Z with morphisms a: Z X and fi: Z Y such that for any object W and maps B a': W X and r: W Y with go 0 = ri o fl', there is a unique map y: W Z with a' = a 0 y and r = fi 0 y.

Any four of them span P 3. 18, we will see that given any six points in P 3 in general position there is a unique twisted cubic containing all six. 13. Show that if seven points Pi'•, p 7 e P 3 lie on a twisted cubic, then the common zero locus of the quadratic polynomials vanishing at the pis that twisted cubic. 14. Rational Normal Curves These may be thought of as a generalization of twisted cubics; the rational normal curve C Pd is defined to be the image of the map vd : is IN; th, Pd given by I'd: [X0 X 1 ] , H Ex-g, xg-ix i , xn [Zo , zd].

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