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By S. Torres-Saillant

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The 1st highbrow background of the Caribbean written by way of a best Caribbean reviews student, this e-book examines either writings penned via natives of the area in addition to a physique of texts interpretive of the zone produced via Western authors. Stressing the experiential and cultural particularity of the Caribbean, the examine considers 4 significant questions: What artwork, literature or suggestion can come from the minds of people that have passed through a catastrophic heritage? What makes the conceptual paradigms shaped through the Western highbrow in a position to illuminating the certain event of Antilleans, yet now not vice versa? Do Antilleans lack the highbrow historical past required for the translation of tradition, even if of their quarter or in different places on the earth? Why is the specificity of Caribbean humanity such that it can't be used as a paradigm for humanity as a complete?

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Leadership in the whole accord seemed easily discerned. S. influence had penetrated even British West Indian colonies. -ruled Free Associated State of Puerto Rico serving as its counterbalance, the Caribbean again occupied the proscenium of history during the period known as the Cold War. S. pressure, his action prefigured the fall of the Berlin Wall, announcing the subsequent decline of the Soviet bloc and the rise of the United States as the political champion of the global society. 24 AN INTELLECTUAL HISTORY OF THE CARIBBEAN The Languages and Cultures From the foregoing discussion stressing the interconnection of the Caribbean with other nations of the planet, it follows that studying the region to some extent involves also examining the other parts of the globe with which it is geopolitically linked.

They knew no better than we know how things will turn out for us” (McCullough 214, xiv). Europeans could conceivably not have arrived on Antillean shores when they did or they could have traveled there as visitors interested in trade and cultural exchange rather than in plunder and domination. They could have leaned toward an appreciation of the humanity of the aborigines, the way the Venetian Marco Polo, over two centuries before the fateful trip by Columbus, experienced curiosity and eagerness to learn about the peoples of the various provinces he visited in China, as with his coming upon the Tartars, about whom he learned that they believed “in a deity whose nature is Sublime and Heavenly” and among whom the wealthy “dress in cloth and gold and silks, with skins of the sable, the ermine, and other animals, all in the richest fashion” (Polo 1930:92).

Analysis of popular music really needs to plot relations between musical sound and its social construction to demonstrate how it is affected by—and how it in turn affects—social forces” (Averill 1993:88). ” However, except in very literal moments such as that of the bipartisan handshake conjured by Marley in April 1978, the precise ways in which music affects the concrete social reality of people in the Caribbean may not be easily discernible to the lay observer. As a result, scholars often take pains to stress that the role of the region’s musical sounds decidedly transcends the realms of entertainment and the festive.

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