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While ecu notions approximately angels and demons have been exported to the hot global, they underwent striking variations. Angels and demons got here to shape a vital part of the Spanish American cosmology, resulting in the emergence of colonial city and rural landscapes set inside of a strikingly theological framework. trust in celestial and demonic spirits quickly regulated and affected the day-by-day lives of Spanish, Indigenous and Mestizo peoples, whereas missionary networks circulated those practices to create a common and usually accredited procedure of trust that flourished in seventeenth-century Baroque tradition and spirituality. This learn of angels and demons opens a very illuminating window onto highbrow and cultural advancements within the centuries that the eu come across with the USA. the quantity may be of curiosity to students and scholars of spiritual reports, anthropology of faith, historical past of rules, Latin American colonial background and church heritage.

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To be sure, the notion that demons filled the causal lacunae inherent in superstitious practices formed a key part of the Church’s campaign against superstition, but religious reformers were also fighting the popular tendency to assume preternatural or supernatural causation where none in fact existed. In the opinion of Christian intellectuals, ignorance of natural mechanisms led to excessive credulity among the uneducated masses, which in turn led them to attribute any poorly understood event to divine intervention or the agency of spirits.

Fuentes, Summa, fols. 11r–12r. The prototypical discussion of the matter can be found in Aquinas, Summa theologiae, ia, Q. 114, art. ’ The devil in the Old World 25 fraud and in the process includes a discussion very similar to that of Fuentes. After reminding his readers that ‘the devil . . 36 He explains that demons can deceive the senses by creating atmospheric effects through the manipulation of air and light. 37 This, according to Horozco, enables demons to hide one object and put another in its place, thereby creating the illusion that a transformation has occurred.

Ciruelo, Reprouacio´n, 44. Although the concept of the preternatural, like so many other aspects of anti-superstition discourse, can be found in embryonic form in Aquinas, it was not explicitly defined until the early seventeenth century, most notably in the work of the Jesuit Martı´n del Rı´o. See Campagne, Homo Catholicus, 575. 24 From the Old World to the New an anti-superstition treatise. He asks, for example, whether demons are able to predict the future – a commonly held belief at the time – and although he concedes that demons may have such a capability, he insists that it derives from purely natural mechanisms, not from any supernaturally infused knowledge.

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