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Quantity 1: Antenna basics and Mathematical innovations opens with a dialogue of the basics and mathematical ideas for any form of paintings with antennas, together with easy ideas, theorems, and formulation, and methods. DLC: Antennas (Electronics)

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We customarily describe them by two orthogonal unitary vectors (u, v) in the manner stated in (39). ); another one is (u = reference polarization, v = cross polarization), which will be described in Section 9. 8. Calculation of the Far Field We will look at the calculation of the far field (a) from given currents and (b) from given fields over a closed surface. From Given Currents The antenna far field is represented by the expression in (35). We will now consider its calculation. For a given transmitting antenna we may replace it by a mathematical current source (J, K) which radiates in the unbounded medium after Fundamentals and Mathematical Techniques 1-22 the antenna structure is removed.

18. A rectangular waveguide. Fundamentals and Mathematical Techniques 1-38 In (103a) the prime signifies that the term with m = n = 0 is omitted in the summation. The propagation constants Ymn for either TEmn or TMmn are given by Ymn = Yk2 - (rrm/a)2 - (nll/b)2 . (104) The square-root convention stated in (96) should be observed. The field components for the (m, n)th mode calculated from (82) and (83) are . (105a) (105b) + Cmn Ymn k Ht = Cmn Ymn kZ Z x a mn A A ZZ X A- t'mn (105c) (105d) where a mn = a x(nll) b cos (mll).

POWERS: INCIdENT G(k) - g(k,u) + g(k, v) P EFFICIENCY. L ACCEPTED P 3 RADIATED POLARIZATION EFFICIENCY IUou'I 2 IA(k)1 2-IA(k,u)1 2+ IA(k,vW RADIATION INTENSITY IN (k, U) Fig, 14, Six definitions of gain (a ~ b means at P = J(k, u) = J(k) = b). lu. u (Courtesy G. A. Deschamps) *12 (63) is called the polarization efficiency in state (k, u) for an antenna that has polarization U. rr IA(k)'u* 12 = pG(k) g(k, u) = P n (64) n. rr intensity of the antenna in state (k, u) a reference power Again, depending on the reference power Pm there are three gains g ..

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