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As a result of 4 years of cooperative study among the collage of Colorado and the Templo Mayor venture of Mexico?’s nationwide Institute of Anthropology and heritage, Aztec Ceremonial Landscapes (formerly to be had as to alter position) bargains new interpretive versions from the fields of archaeoastronomy, background of faith, anthropology, artwork background, and archaeology. integrated are contributions through such famous specialists as Eduardo Matos Moctezuma, Dav?­d Carrasco, Alfredo L??pez Austin, Doris Heyden, Richard F. Townsend, Anthony Aveni, Henry B. Nicholson, Elizabeth Boone, Felipe Solis, and Johanna Broda, with a brand new advent through William Fash.

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Further, the pathological characteristics of the chac-mool head appear to be associated with the god Tlaloc. This is not unusual because some gods, according to their attributes, are related to determined illnesses; for example, Tlaloc, the water god, is linked to illnesses such as dropsy. Therefore, it would not be strange that he should also have a strong relation to an illness such as facial paralysis, which may be caused by a severe chill. It is reasonable to ask if this illness is being represented.

B. Nicholson and E. Quiñones Keber of The Work of Bernardino de Sahagún. Peter L. van der Loo is a historian of religions at Northern Arizona University. He is the author of Códices Costumbres Continuidad. Alfredo López Austin, author of The Human Body and Ideology, is a historian and professor with the Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City. Eduardo Matos Moctezuma is director of El Templo Mayor, Mexico City, and author of many works, including Vida y Muerte en el Templo Mayor.

Tlaloc and other sites. " In Klor de Alva's work, the body becomes a ceremonial center as well as a political entity, especially during the colonial process. In the complicated atmosphere of the sixteenth century, as seen in Klor de Alva's work, the Nahua world of bodies has a prolific series of references including the mind, the altepetl, the cofradía, the mountain, and the family. The European colonial experience aimed to control, snatch away, and transform the entire native body and conceptions of the body, to replace them with European conceptions of body and social world.

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