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By Jeffrey Thomas

From the wildly innovative storyteller at the back of Punktown and different unusual worlds, comes the novella past THE DOOR.

Two strangers meet in a teach station, and start swapping stories—stories that eerily interweave, and develop increasingly more irritating and peculiar. The headless undead, a grotesque flea circus, flesh-eating bugs, and a menacing condominium that won’t remain placed. those are only a number of the stories that would demonstrate as a lot concerning the teller as they do the mysteries in the back of that frayed curtain we name reality.

BEYOND THE DOOR is a narrative approximately how we hook up with each other via storytelling—and tantalize ourselves with the unknown.

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I realized that Darryl and Webster were both looking at me now. They had the same expression on their faces: Do something, dumb ass. So I did. I got up, walked around the table and put my hand on Sondra’s shoulder. The silk was soft and smooth. Her skin was warm. She didn’t move, didn’t look up or acknowledge me, but neither did she push me away or run off screaming. I patted her shoulder and made empty promises—that it would be okay, that it was alright, all better, she was safe now. Sondra didn’t respond, but after a few minutes, she raised her head and wiped her eyes.

I dropped them on the floor at my feet. ” she asked. ” “My name. You say it to your friend when you help me. You say, ‘Sondra’. ” “Oh…” I laughed, nervous. Already, the gunshot and escape seemed distant and unimportant. This—having the girl of my dreams in my backseat—was far more unlikely. “My name’s Larry Gibson. ” She nodded, studying us both carefully. “Yes, I see you both at club. ” “Well,” I said. “I guess I do watch you a lot. ” “Me, too,” Darryl said. “And my name is Darryl Moore. ” Sondra pursed her lips.

Meowing, Webster walked over to her and rubbed against her legs. Sondra reached down and scratched his ears. That seemed to make her feel better. Him too. “I am sorry,” she said. “I…is not easy to talk about. All my life, I watch American movies and shows and listen to American music. Friends. Backstreet Boys. Seinfeld. American Pie. Britney Spears. ” Darryl sneered. “No wonder Russia is so fucked up. An example of success? Hell no. ” Sondra pouted. ” “No,” Darryl said. “I no like Friends. ” “I do like.

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