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What does it suggest to be British? it truly is now well-known that being British isn't really innate, static or everlasting, yet that nationwide identities inside Britain are continually built and reconstructed. Britishness because 1870 examines this definition and redefinition of the British nationwide identification because the 1870s.

Paul Ward argues that British nationwide identification is a resilient strength, and appears at how Britishness has tailored to altering circumstances.

Taking a thematic strategy, Britishness considering 1870 examines the forces that experience contributed to a feeling of Britishness, and considers how Britishness has been mediated through different identities similar to category, gender, sector, ethnicity and the experience of belonging to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

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These four were clearly intended to be representative in a number of ways: ‘one is a Scotch woman weaver, another a South Wales steel works foreman. ’83 Hence the monarchy also sought to integrate the working class at times of 28 Monarchy and Empire national celebration. 84 Nicolson described the success of such contacts; he wrote of George V that ‘He was just as much King in Whitechapel as King in Whitehall . . 86 As Angus Calder has observed, ‘The monarchy, with its essential, mystified role .

Politics, monarchy and imperialism Imperialism and royalty frequently lessened class, gender, national and ethnic divisions. This mostly meant that these issues did not emerge in party politics. 89 Yet despite this the monarchy has rarely been an issue in British politics. There has certainly been opposition to the monarchy, though it has tended to take the form of criticism of the behaviour and financial affairs of the royal family rather than republicanism. It is indeed difficult to disentangle the desire to abolish the monarchy from the desire to strengthen it through reform.

Her ability to appeal to plural identities was much greater than theirs; for all Prince Charles’ suggestion that he would be defender of faith rather than defender of the faith, his public persona remained rather too distant from the day-to-day lives of the population. The deaths of Princess Margaret and Elizabeth, the Queen Mother in 2002, combined with the celebration of the Golden Jubilee, however, have enabled the royal family to reassert the more traditional notions of Britishness which they have sought to represent.

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