Calenhad: A Beacon of Gondor (Middle Earth Role Playing MERP by Tim Cooke PDF

By Tim Cooke

ISBN-10: 1558060979

ISBN-13: 9781558060975

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When off-duty, their garb is conservative, but frequently possesses red ornamentation to remind all they encounter of their exalted status. They are equipped with a variety of weapons to suit their own preferences, but all are very proficient in at least one melee and one missile weapon. 5 THE TIRADOR ("WATCHERS-FROM-THE-LAND") Members of this separate addition to the garrison at Calenhad come from the surrounding lands and usually number between ten and twenty . For one year, the tower takes members from local villages, trains them, and then sends them back home to pass on their skills .

89. - 100 . Knight's Quarters. Each room is designed to hold two knights, but when the Second Tiromin grows in size, some rooms house three. In each chamber, two comfortable beds rest against opposite walls, flanked by a chest with the knight's personal possessions . The chests are kept locked (Extremely Hard, -30, to pick), but inside, the lies knight's personal fortune, which usually amounts to about 25 gold pieces. At the end ofeach bed stands a large trunk containing clothes. On the inside wall, pegs accomodate the knight's cloaks and other gear.

Beacon-warden's Chambers. Like room #104. 110 . Guest Chambers . Like #106. 111 . Upper Kitchens. These kitchens mainly prepare food for guests and the wardens that occupy the fifth and sixth levels . However, anyone can order a meal from the chef if they are busy and have insufficient time to partake of the banquets served daily in the great hall. The six small rooms adjacent to the chamber where the cooks work are store rooms and hold a variety of items, from exotic foods to kitchen utensils .

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