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By Simon Martin, Nikolai Grube

«The excellent reference on Maya archaeology.» technology information at the back of the traditional towns of the Maya and their deserted works of art lie the turbulent tales in their ruling dynasties. one of many worlds maximum and strongest civilizations, the Maya skilled consistent clash in a panorama divided between quite a few kingdoms. extreme rivalries, rapacious conquerors, and repeated dynastic defeat and breakdown are universal topics in lots of stories of this potent civilization. the traditional Maya stay the most vivid parts of analysis in global archaeology. clean discoveries within the box, including the continued technique of hieroglyphic decipherment, suggest that details is continually coming to gentle. This re-creation of the single finished, kingdom-by-kingdom heritage of the traditional Maya brings the tale absolutely brand new with formerly unknown rulers and new glyphic readings, in addition to more information on international relations and battle. 366 illustrations, 86 in colour

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Their bitter opposi tion certainly has the flavour of a fraternal conflict - close relatives battling for a single kingshipalthough we know little abo ut the legitimacy of either claim. Nuun Ujol Chaak's fi rst major setback occurred in 657 the earliest datewehaveforh 'm h Y k ' , star I ,wen u noom theCreat seized T ikal in another war' attack (pp. 108-9). Although Nuun Ujol Chaak fled the city, he seems to have co h' me to terms Soon after. This can be inferred from ,;,', Ph',~sencehat a childhood ceremony fo r Yuknoom Yich'aak K'ahk', Ir to t e Calak I h .

Cal reality for the Terminal Classic. But by now high titles are lillle guarantee of high kingship and with Tikal itself cast into silence we sec its authority splinter among a range of provincial magnates. This is best seen at the satellites of Ixlu and 'imbal, which begin monumental programmes after 859 featuring their own rulers, both using the once exclusive Mutal title. n There was at least one attempt to re-establish royal power at the old and increasingly depopu lated capiul. 0 mark of 869, rev ived a name from beller times, Jasaw Cha D K'awiil 11.

R inhabitants pursued their own, often ellIboIate rhual actIVitieS, moY1ng IIrId le1,IsinC ear1oe< monuments for ~s quote estranged from those aI the fallen nobility. By Tikal's last days any reaaro lor the SanctIty of the 01(1 ordef had long since dissolve

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