Glenda Lappan; et al's Comparing And Scaling: Ratio, Proportion and Percent / PDF

By Glenda Lappan; et al

ISBN-10: 013165635X

ISBN-13: 9780131656352

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B. Tanisha jogs about 8 miles in 2 hours. How long will it take her to jog 12 miles? C. ” 1. What do you think Sam’s grandmother means? 2. Sam’s grandmother takes 25 stitches in time. How many does she save? D. Imani gives vitamins to her adult dogs. The recommended dosage is 2 teaspoons per day for adult dogs weighing 20 pounds. She needs to give vitamins to Bruiser, who weighs 75 pounds, and to Dust Ball, who weighs 7 pounds. What is the correct dosage for each dog? qxd 5/18/06 9:11 AM Page 53 E.

The sketch shows two similar polygons. S B 7 cm 6 cm 4 cm A 2 cm C R D T 2 cm U a. What is the length of side BC? b. What is the length of side RU? c. What is the length of side CD? qxd 5/18/06 9:11 AM Page 59 23. To earn an Explorer Scout merit badge, Yoshi and Kai have the task of measuring the width of a river. Their report includes a diagram that shows their work. 650 m D B 325 m E C 300 m A a. How do you think they came up with the lengths of the segments AB, BC, and DE? b. How can they find the width of the river from segments AB, BC, and DE?

Solve one of your proportions by whatever method you choose. Check to see that your answer makes sense. B. Jack works at a restaurant and eats one enchilada for lunch every day that he works. He figures that he ate 240 enchiladas last year. Three enchiladas have a total of 705 Calories. How many Calories did he take in last year from eating enchiladas? 1. Set up a proportion that can be solved to answer the question. 2. Solve your proportion. Check to see that your answer makes sense. 3. Describe each step in your solution strategy.

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