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By Holger Lyre (auth.), Daniel Greenberger, Klaus Hentschel, Friedel Weinert (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3540706224

ISBN-13: 9783540706229

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ISBN-13: 9783540706267

With contributions by means of a lot of trendy top quantum physicists, philosophers and historians, together with 3 Nobel laureates, this finished A to Z of quantum physics presents a lucid realizing of the main thoughts of quantum thought and test. It covers technical and interpretational points alike, and comprises either conventional subject matters and more moderen parts similar to quantum details and its kin. The principal suggestions that experience formed modern figuring out of the quantum international are basically outlined, with illustrations the place precious, and mentioned at a degree compatible for undergraduate and graduate scholars of physics, heritage of technological know-how, and philosophy of physics. All articles percentage 3 major goals: (1) to supply a transparent definition and realizing of the time period involved; (2) the place attainable, to track the old origins of the idea that; and (3) to supply a small yet optimum number of references to the main suitable literature, together with pertinent old reviews. additionally mentioned are the usually contentious philosophical implications derived from quantum thought and its linked experimental findings.

This compendium should be an fundamental source for all these looking concise updated information regarding the numerous features of quantum physics.

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