John C. Avise (auth.), John C. Avise, James L. Hamrick's Conservation Genetics: Case Histories from Nature PDF

By John C. Avise (auth.), John C. Avise, James L. Hamrick (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0412145812

ISBN-13: 9780412145810

ISBN-10: 1475725043

ISBN-13: 9781475725049

This quantity explores the relevance of genetics for the conservation of species, groups, and ecosystems, emphasizing genuine case histories.

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Unlike most baleen whales, many small cetaceans are extremely localized in distribution and habitat use. Thus, they are more likely to suffer local extinction or depletion due to environmental or human induced perturbations. 5). S. Atlantic coast included at least 750 dolphins-about 500/0 of the known coastal population (Harwood and Hall, 1990)! The proximate cause of these deaths remains controversial, but has been attributed to dinoflagellate toxins (Hansen, 1992). S. 4). Genetic studies of bottlenose dolphins are now providing this required evidence of population structure.

According to IWC resolutions, whales killed under subsistence or aboriginal permits are for local consumption only. Ninety-five North Atlantic minke whales were taken by Norway in 1992 under scientific permit, but a national policy bans the commercial export of these products. The last recorded commercial export of minke whales from Norway was in 1986 (Larson, 1994). Except for aboriginal catches by GreenlandlDenmark, North Atlantic fin whales have not been hunted since 1989, when Iceland killed 68 under scientific permit.

3. a. oea eequencea &om whalea &om the North Pacific (NP), (NP). North Atlantic (NA), (NA). and Southern Ocean Oeean 90 humpback whales outgroup method with the fin whale. Shaded circles circlee iDdicate indicate 85-100% (SO), (SO). III'clatlll IItIIIl'Clhes uaiDg ueiDg I'IUldomized randomized entry order (adapted aI•• 1993b). , cIadea, .. deacribed deecribed in text, an indicated iDdicated by CD, CD. D, U. and AE. , Whales and Dolphins 27 considerably different conclusion about the biological significance of genetic divisions between stocks might have been reached if samples had been collected on the feeding or breeding grounds alone.

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Conservation Genetics: Case Histories from Nature by John C. Avise (auth.), John C. Avise, James L. Hamrick (eds.)

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