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By Jacobes Johannes Schuurman (auth.)

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From the generation obtained from this, again mosaiceyed individuals were taken for breeding a following generation and so on, up to and included an F 13 . The results of this have been stated in table 5 and will be discussed in the following paragraph. aa acr § 3. M osaic-eyed beetles bred tagether ARENDSEN HEIN already knew that from intercrossing mosaiceyed individuals in each case red-eyed individuals arise. FERWERDA confirmed this later on. After that time the number of crosscs among mosaic-eyed beetles has been greatly extended, as shown in the subjoined table.

F 2 OF MOSAIC X FLESH-COLOURED number 368A theor. 22 I mosaic ~~ JJ red I ~~ 5 2 JJ 6 - - . I. 34 According to the scheme FfGgHH X FfGgHo a ratio 9 black : 3 (mosaic and red) : 4 flesh-coloured should arise. This has indeed proved to be the case. From the back-cross of black-eyed ~~ from the F 1 with flesh- 329 OF TENEBRIO MOLITOR L. ratio was to be expected between black and coloured ~ ~ a flesh-coloured. TABLE 52. 21 theor. 1 : X FLESH-COLOURED mosaic ~~ 353 F1 flesh-col. 83 The occurrence of the mosaic-eyed Ö' may be accounted for by assuming that non-disjunction has taken place in the flesh-coloured Ö' and that the gamete without F which resulted from it, has been fused with a gamete with f of the ~.

The lavender alpha gene on the contrary is highly mutable in the early stages of development of the plant, but slightly mutable during the early stages of development of the perianth, OF TENEBRIO MOLITOR L. 299 while it is becoming again highly mutable towards the end of the development. In this article DEMEREC opposes the genomeric theory of EYSTER. Finally IMAI and KANNA (47, 1935) found a form with striped yellow and striped creamish flowers in Portulaca grandiflora. They found striped yellow to be heterozygous and striped creamish homozygous recessive.

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