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By Ron Sakolsky

This anthology of lots of Sakolsky’s essays includes chapters in a dynamic college of rules and motion. Born at first of a brand new century, this vivid assortment glows with flames of discontent and defiance and flows with waves of laughter and danger. Ranging largely from Mayday to Utopia, from Refusal to Autonomy, and from insurrection to mind's eye, this compilation is in flip defiant, reflective, and playful—a brick for hurling during the home windows of depression and a doorway to making an anarchy that's not afraid to dream.

Creating Anarchy is a suite of his writings (and paintings items by way of a few surrealist friends), reflecting his pursuits and pondering during the last couple of a long time. This re-creation comprises newer items (including the rather proper “My existence within the educational Gulag”, during which he discusses how and if you can actually preserve anarchist positions in the academy) and a brand new creation.

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In late December 2000 estimates by the pro-LPFM Pro26 metheus Radio Project, the number of licensed LPFM stations which met the three bandwidth requirement ranged from 250-500. However, these stations were mostly in rural areas because the new spacing rules were very difficult to meet in urban localities. Of course, full implementation optimistically assumed there would be no future backroom legislative deals to squelch the LPFM service or efforts by executive branch power brokers to let it die on the vine from neglect.

Part of that approach is about decentralization. While global connections between people all over the world who are involved in related anarchist activities are very important, a decentralized approach is the essence of anarchy in practice, whether in fomenting insurrection or in building community. One of the things that people today find most alienating is the increasing loss of community. Our sense of community has constantly been eroded so that things that used to be provided by us, in cooperative kinds of arrangements, are now provided for us by the twin engines of centralized government and consumer capitalism.

Ilan: There are small differences, but I always look at it like band-aids on cancer. Ron: I think all the candidates agree on the basics—the corporate state, capitalism, global domination, empire, industrial civilization, and the megamachine. All that stuff is just assumed, any further discussions are about the details. And, of course, candidates will tell people what they want to hear in order to get elected. It’s all a carefully staged spectacle. There’s absolutely no guarantee that what a politician promises will actually be enacted or that, once elected, politicians will even attempt to keep their campaign promises.

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