Cuban Sugar Industry: Transnational Networks and Engineering - download pdf or read online

By Jonathan Curry-Machado

ISBN-10: 0230111394

ISBN-13: 9780230111394

Technological innovation was once primary to nineteenth-century Cuba’s lead in international sugar manufacture. in addition to steam-powered equipment got here migrant engineers, essential extraterrestrial beings who have been good rewarded for his or her efforts. those migrant engineers remained perennial outsiders, symbolic of Cuba's transforming into monetary dependency, privileged scapegoats unconsciously stuck up within the island's political insecurities. This booklet tells the tale of a bunch of forgotten migrant employees who anonymously contributed to Cuba's improvement and whose event is helping light up either the development of the Cuban sugar and the methods wherein the island used to be certain into worldwide commodity-driven networks of regulate, dependency, and resistance.

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On one occasion Charles Roome of the Manhattan Gas Light Co. informed Moses Taylor and Co. that George Wright and Co. of Liverpool would be able to “forward goods from Birmingham [and] other places to Havana,” and that, if so requested, would “obtain . . ”76 It was through the Liverpool-based Spanish merchants F. de Oleaga and Co. 77 The Cuban elite would often seek to obtain their luxuries through this network. Tea arrived in Santiago de Cuba through the orders placed by Brooks and Co. ’s clients was able to obtain “two .

79 Other sectors likewise found themselves financially dependent. From the 1830s, Cuban copper mining was carried out principally with English capital. 80 Thus, by the mid-nineteenth century, although politically and militarily Spain maintained a firm hold over Cuba, the island’s economy had become firmly entrenched in the transnational networks upon which her trade depended. indd 19 2/25/2011 3:16:08 PM 20 CUBAN SUGAR INDUSTRY there was a deep-felt resentment among many Cubans that Spain was maintaining the protectionist tariffs that appeared to be so contrary to the island’s economic interests, and that trade itself remained dominated by the Spanish-born.

Since this occurred at the same time as Spain was reducing restrictions on Cuba’s trade, North American merchants were able to focus their energies there. 55 In the first half of 1846, 237 of the 360 ships entering Havana were North American. Of the rest, 64 were Spanish and 28 British. S. 57 Merchandise arrived both through bilateral trade and by circuitous routes defined by the commercial networks. The British Consul at Havana noted: [N]othing is more common than for goods of British origin to arrive here from the United States and even from ports on the continent of Europe.

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