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By Mary H. Dudley

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"This source, coincidence and dying Investigations Protocol, is written to aid the MLD of their day-by-day tasks to supply types to aid them of their research for many universal different types of deaths that happen of their jurisdiction. The CD offers a realistic layout, geared up alphabetically to aid the MLD in facts assortment on the loss of life scene. The list presents a template to help in facts number of scene Read more...

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The ME will authorize after consultation. 18 (Continued) yes no Describe 48 Death and Accident Investigation Protocols If a rifle is used, is it possible for the decedent to have pulled the trigger Measure the length from the decedent’s armpit to his/her fingertips Measure the length of the barrel yes no If yes, explain inches inches If the decedent is found outdoors, how accessible is the area where the decedent is found? If the incident was witnessed, who was present Is their information consistent with the scene and the artifact on the body yes no If no, explain Russian Roulette If others were present, what is their account of the incident If allegation has arisen that the weapon was malfunctioning and that the decedent was examining the weapon, ensure that the weapon is secured by law enforcement and that it is tested for malfunctions.

18 Report on death from gunshot/shotgun. 8 Gun chamber. 9 Jammed gun. ) Is there any reason for this paraphernalia to be on the weapon yes yes no If yes, describe no If yes, explain If an apparatus was constructed to fire the weapon from a distance, describe the apparatus in detail using diagrams. Also photograph the arrangement. Is there any indication that the missile (bullet) went through another object prior to striking the decedent (ex. ) yes no If yes, explain Be sure to photograph intermediate objects or take moveable evidence into custody for examination and photography by either law enforcement or the ME’s office.

13 Report of death from electrocution. 6 Electrical injury of skin—typical targetoid lesion. ) Is there any evidence on the material or on the body of sparks or fire yes Has anyone ever received a shock or injury from the material in the past no Explain yes no If yes, explain when, who etc. Describe walls around the material (what is their construction) Describe floors around the material (what is their construction) Describe roof structure if decedent was electrocuted on roof Is there any standing liquid in the immediate area yes no If yes, what The Decedent What was the decedent wearing when working with the electrical material, include all protective clothing as well Is there any indication that the safety equipment is defective yes no If yes, explain If body is examined by you, describe the entry and exit points of the current being specific as to artifact on the body How much training, if any, does the decedent have to be working on materials of this nature Does the decedent have any physical impairments which would interfere with the work he/she was doing yes no If yes, explain Appliances or defective safety gear are to be photographed and if it is not possible to render them safe, should be turned over to the appropriate agency for testing and further handling.

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