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The Spanish-American battle concentrated not just on international coverage, but in addition at the nation's very essence and function. on the middle of this debate used to be a consensus on American nationalism. This publication explains why the assumption in exceptionalism nonetheless serves because the foundation of yank nationalism and overseas coverage even even with more moderen army disasters.

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It was a Democracy and Freedom Abroad ● 31 mere philosophical justification for revolution . . ” For if it had been, Griggs reminded his audience, the Founding Fathers would have been guilty of disregarding it in the case of the Native and African Americans. The editorialist Amos K. ”63 The anti-imperialist and president of the Indian Rights Organization, Herbert Welsh, sarcastically summarized the logical consequence of these arguments: “The right of self government . . ”64 These “extreme” imperialists not only separated negative and positive liberty, they also asserted that the theory of natural rights was a regional and historically contingent philosophical construct.

The election campaign of 1900 proved that the imperialists were successful in blurring the lines between the negative and positive liberties. The Democracy and Freedom Abroad ● 37 anti-imperialists had pushed the McKinley administration to promise eventual independence, but this “success” made it harder to show that their policies would be notably different. ” The anti-imperialists’ effectiveness and credibility on the question of defending universal democratic rights was also damaged by the inconsistencies many of them exhibited in the period.

Such reform projects underscored the peaceful purpose of the United States and implied that war had been forced on Americans, who only wished to help the Filipinos to a better future. S. reformers focused on. Scores of engineers, teachers, and missionaries descended upon the archipelago to build a model colonial administration that would surpass any previous example. They focused on four high-visibility areas. Administration of the Philippines was to be based on a professional colonial service and the rule of experts.

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