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By Kyle Longley, Jeremy Mayer, Michael Schaller, John W. Sloan

ISBN-10: 0765615908

ISBN-13: 9780765615909

Even supposing he left workplace approximately twenty years in the past, Ronald Reagan continues to be a powerful image for the conservative circulate. The Bush management usually invokes his legacy because it formulates and promotes its economic, family, and international rules. His identify is watchword for campus conservatives who regard him in a manner that borders on hero worship. Conservative media pundits frequently equate the time period ''Reagan-esque'' with own honor, economic rectitude, and unqualified luck in facing overseas threats. yet how a lot of the Reagan legacy relies on truth, how a lot on idealized delusion? And what are the explanations - political and in a different way - in the back of the mythmaking? ''Deconstructing Reagan'' is an engaging research of the interaction of politics and reminiscence relating our 40th president. whereas giving credits the place credits is due, the authors scrutinize key features of the Reagan legacy and the conservative mythology that surrounds it.

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President Reagan offered a stirring tribute to the fallen marines, but no credible explanation of their mission or the reason for their deaths. ” Two weeks later, without explanation, he withdrew American forces from Beirut. Public reaction to the disaster was muted, in part because of lavish media attention focused on Grenada, a tiny Caribbean island. Although 22 MICHAEL SCHALLER Marxists had ruled Grenada since 1979, neither the Carter nor Reagan administrations had paid much attention to it.

In any case, Gorbachev enjoyed hearing the president, a former movie and television actor, tell insider stories about Hollywood film stars from the 1940s and 1950s. The two leaders also broached more substantial issues at Geneva, including the idea of deep cuts in a variety of strategic nuclear weapons. Gorbachev wanted to explore details; but when Reagan insisted that any reduction in nuclear weapons must be linked to a green light for the United States to develop and deploy the SDI antimissile system (despite the clear prohibitions against this contained in the ABM Treaty signed by both countries in 1972), discussion ended.

The president acted when it became clear that the sanctions had many unintended consequences. S. allies to stop selling gas and oil drilling and pipeline technology to Moscow infuriated the British, French, Germans, and Japanese, who, unlike the Americans, wanted to import more Soviet energy supplies. In response to their complaints, Reagan relaxed many trade restrictions. The fact that the United States insisted on its own right to sell the Soviets what it wanted angered the Europeans and Japanese.

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