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By Dr Gregory L. Matloff (auth.)

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Hess, Gordon and Breach, Philadelphia, PA (1965), Chapter 18. Kasting, J. , Whitmire, D. P. and Reynolds, R. , 'Habitable Zones Around Main Sequence Stars', Icarus, 101, 108-128 (1993). , Radiation in the Atmosphere, Academic, New York (1969). Larson, R. , Palo Alto, CA (1973), pp. 219-238. Wickramsinghe, N. , AI-Mufti, S. and Wallis, D. , 'Infrared Signatures of Pre biology - or Biology', in Astronomical and Biochemical Origins and the Searchfor Life in the Universe, ed. C. B. Cosmovici, S. Bowyer and D.

Sec. 1. 9 70-2,000K 2,205 megaPascal During his tenure as a 1999 Summer Faculty Fellow at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Alabama, the author evaluated extrasolar mission possibilities using the ESLI sail material, using analytical techniques described in the next chapter. Consider, for example, the case of a 27-kg science payload; a non-science payload (command, control, propulsion) of 86 kg; and a mass for sail interface, contingency, and fuel of 119 kg. 1. 2AU from the Sun's centre (well within this material's thermal and tensile capabilities) at the perihelion of an initially parabolic sail orbit, and is oriented normal to the Sun, if exits the Solar System at about 200 km s -1.

If the escape velocity of the KBO is 1 km S-I, how much material will be blown off of the KBO if 50% of the penetrator's kinetic energy is converted into impact-debris kinetic energy. Although dramatic from a special effects point of view, such an explosive impact would yield little scientific data. Some form of deceleration in the Kuiper Belt seems to be essential. Since no known solar approach will efficiently decelerate a spacecraft 40 AU or so from the Sun, some sort of nuclear drive seems necessary to perform the KBO rendezvous mission.

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