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By Slavoj Zizek

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Paperback. Pub Date :2013-10-07 Pages: a hundred and sixty Language: English writer: Polity the place are we this day and what's to be performed Slavoj iek ponders those questions during this distinct and well timed ebook in response to reside interviews. the booklet captures iek. at his irrepressible top. elucidating such issues because the uprisings of the Arab Spring. the worldwide monetary drawback. populism in Latin the US. the increase of China or even the riddle of North Korea. iek dazzles readers along with his analyses of Hollywood movies. Venezuelan police experiences. Swedish crime fiction and masses else. at any place the dialog turns. his lively brain illuminates unforeseen horizons.While interpreting our current predicaments. iek additionally explores probabilities for swap. what kind of society is worthy striving for Why is it tricky to visualize replacement social and political preparations What are the bases for desire A key obligat...

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There will not be a new working class, or whatever. I think they are the people who find themselves in what I call a pro­ letarian position: they are sometimes poor, sometimes well-off. What I would like to say about this notion of the proletarian position is that when you are reduced to some kind of zero level, then another subj ect emerges who is no longer the same self. I ' d like to refer to the book The New Wounded (Les nouveaux blesses), writ­ ten by the French philosopher Catherine Malabou, who claimed that even now we have a new form of psychic illness.

This was an absolute prohibition. Succession should not be a family matter. Even Mao: of co urse they took care of their children, but were they privileged ? They sent their children to study abroad and gave them the right to travel, but these were j ust small corruptions. There was never a question of Mao's son becoming his successor. so Deadlock of Totalitarian Communism This tendency, I claim, has something to do with how communism reacted to its decay. It happened in Europe . And in a non-communist way, it also happened in all those crazy countries like Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan.

We now can say the same thing about crime . If you steal one h undred tho usand dollars, you are a thief. If you destroy billions, banks and the state will help you. I'm really worried. This is what I mean about my communism - not the Leninist version, which was total madness. Many leftists hate me when I argue that twentieth-century commu­ nism might have been the biggest ethico-political fiasco in the history of humanity. I think there is no other soft explanation. Some things were done well here and there, but globally it was a fiasco .

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