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By Stephen Bourne

ISBN-10: 0880382740

ISBN-13: 9780880382748

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As suggested by the two goblets. another person also occupies Aimar's quarters -- his mistress, Riannon. A half-elf magic user/thief, Riannon is (AC 7; MV 12"; MU/T 3/4; hp 17; #AT 2; D 2-5/2-5 (dagger +1); AL CE). On a successful backstab, Riannon does double damage. She wears studded leather armor. Riannon has the use of three memorized spells: sleep, feather fall, and invisibility. Though quite fond of the duke's wealth and power, beautiful Riannon is too much the adventuress to risk her life for Aimar.

It looks to Hollend like Edrin is well on his way to being shortened by a head. At the end of the audience. the party learns that the young prince will be crowned king as soon as a new patriarch is elected for Fontenmere. A grateful Edmund gives each character a reward of 2,000 gp and proclaims a week of celebration in their honor. Each surviving adventurer is also made an honorary citizen of Dunador and a new yearly holiday, to be called Liberation Day, is decreed in their honor. If any of the party died in the quest.

Somewhere in this tangle of leather goods is a leather sack containing a pair of bracers of defense AC6. The locked wall cabinet holds a dozen pair of silk and velvet pantaloons with matching doublers and a pair of royal blue tunics. The tunics are embroidered with the golden lion device. A small chest at the bottom of the cabinet contains 100 gp, 200 sp, and a rolledup parchment encircled by a black ribbon. " This is a coded reference to the kidnapping and killing of Prince Edmund. Hidden in the bottom hem of the base of the tapestry on the south wall is a 14-inch metal tube.

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