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This vintage paintings has been essentially revised to take account of modern advancements generally topology. the 1st 3 chapters stay unchanged apart from various minor corrections and extra workouts, yet chapters IV-VII and the recent bankruptcy VIII hide the swift alterations that experience happened due to the fact that 1968 while the 1st version seemed. The reader will locate many new themes in chapters IV-VIII, e.g. conception of Wallmann-Shanin's compactification, realcompact house, a variety of generalizations of paracompactness, generalized metric areas, Dugundji variety extension thought, linearly ordered topological area, idea of cardinal capabilities, dyadic house, etc., that have been, within the author's opinion, in most cases targeted or remoted themes a few two decades in the past yet now quiet down into the mainstream of basic topology.

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Thus we IS] TOPOLOGY OF EUCLIDEAN PLANE 23 can apply Zorn’s lemma on d to get a maximal element A,, which is the maximal set having the property P. Hausdorffs lemma j Zermelo’s axiom. Let d be a collection of non-empty sets. We denote by 2 the set of the pairs (A, a ) where A is an element of d and a is an element of A. , for every (A, a ) E Y and (A’, a ’ )E Y , A = A’ implies a = a’. Then P is clearly a finite property. Therefore by use of Hausdorff’s lemma we can find a maximal subset Lf,, of Lf having the property P.

We mean by a set sequence a sequence A,, A,, . . of non-empty subsets of E 2 such that The set sequence {A,, 1 n = 1, 2 , . } is said to converge to a point p if for every E > 0 there exists an n for which A, C S , ( p ) . We take a point p,, E A,, from each member, A,,, of the set sequence. Then we obtain a point sequence {p,,} which is called a point sequence derived from {A,}. We can easily show that the set sequence {A,,}converges to p if and only if every point sequence derived from {A,} converges to p.

Nexandroff is highly recommended to the reader as a historical survey of the modern development in general topology. See his paper [ S ] too, for recent developments. 24 INTRODUCTION [IS As is well known, the concept of convergence of a point sequence is very significant in E’, especially in analysis of E 2 . We may say it is fundamental in the study of E 2 . This concept is closely related with such other concepts as neighborhood, closure, open set, etc. as seen in the following. e. S , ( p ) is often called the &-neighborhood of p.

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