Download PDF by Tertulien Ndjountche: Digital Electronics, Volume 1: Combinational Logic Circuits

By Tertulien Ndjountche

ISBN-10: 1848219849

ISBN-13: 9781848219847

Трёхтомный курс по цифровой электронике от издательства Wiley. В первых двух томах рассматриваются логические схемы, в третьем - конечные автоматы electronic Electronics, quantity 1: Combinational good judgment Circuits (1848219849 electronic Electronics, quantity 2: Sequential and mathematics good judgment Circuits (1848219857) electronic Electronics, quantity three: Finite-state Machines (1848219865)

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Before subtracting a number (bit at the logic level 1) from another number of lower value (bit at the logic level 0), we add the value of the radix (that is 2) to the latter and a borrow of 1 is then carried over to the next highest bit to be subtracted. – Subtract the number 101 from the number 1010. 18 Digital Electronics 1 The subtraction may be carried out in binary representation and in decimal representation as follows: 1010 − 0101 0101 10 − 5 5 Minuend Subtrahend Difference The difference is obtained by deducting the subtrahend from the minuend.

This distinction is of absolutely no consequence as the multiplication operation is commutative. The product is defined as the result of a multiplication. Multiplication may be carried out like a succession of addition and shift operations. 4. Division Division of a binary number (the dividend) by another (the divisor) is carried out by repeatedly deducting the divisor from the dividend until you obtain a difference that is either equal to zero or inferior to the divisor and that represents the remainder.

8. Barcodes corresponding to the binary representation 01100 A more compact form of the barcode is obtained by using interleaved 2-out-of-5 encoding. The first code is represented by the black lines (three fine lines and two thick lines) of variable thickness, and the second code by the spacing between the black lines (three narrow spaces and two wide spaces). 9(a) is a representation of the combination 01100 (black lines) followed by 11000 (spaces between the back lines). In general, the odd combinations are represented by black lines and the even combinations are represented by spaces between the black lines.

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