Peter S. Cahn (auth.)'s Direct Sales and Direct Faith in Latin America PDF

By Peter S. Cahn (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0230118909

ISBN-13: 9780230118904

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ISBN-13: 9781349294411

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Nanda had never held a paying job and devoted herself to raising their three children. The opportunity to earn extra income in her free time without neglecting her maternal duties appealed to her. She asked her husband’s advice. He told her to sign up for the company, secretly predicting that it would not matter because the company would quickly go under. A year later, a slowdown in Morelia’s economic climate forced the furniture store to declare bankruptcy while Omnilife kept growing. He joined his wife, who had already built a thriving network of distributors, in opening an office in the vacant building that had housed the preschool where Luisa once worked.

Growing up with parents as loving and domineering as Victor and Amalia, Luisa struggles to find a balance between accepting their protection and asserting her independence. Whenever she tries to venture out on her own, her parents yank her back into the nest. Over time, Luisa loses the sensation of freedom she experienced in kindergarten and becomes afraid of taking risks. Just when her goal of self-sufficiency seems farthest away, a businessman named Jorge Vergara appears with the promise of determining her own future.

More likely, she prefers to express her faith one on one with God. I asked Luisa if more traditional Mexican Catholics would find it difficult to accept Omnilife’s emphasis on directness. She said they would not and mentioned a pair of nuns who once were active in her organization. ” Whether they aimed for improved physical health or increased financial wealth, all distributors could benefit from participation in the company if they truly wanted to succeed. But, I persisted, Was attaining riches as simple as deciding not to be poor?

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