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By Burton MacDonald

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This quantity is a handy instrument for all these attracted to the site of territories and websites attested within the Bible as "East of the Jordan" i.e. what's now the Hashemite nation of Jordan. It provides the historical past of the id of every biblical website and indicates the main most probably place according to details supplied through the biblical textual content, extra-biblical literary details, toponymic concerns and archaeology. the amount treats all territories and websites of Hebrew Scriptures in Transjordan from the "cities of the plains" (eg Soddom and Gomorrah), the Exodus itineraries, and the territories and websites of the Israelite tribes (Reuben, Gad, and part Manasseh), to Ammon, Moab, Edom, and Gilead.

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Since wood is a scarce and expensive commodity, a large number of rock types have been used as building stone through the millennia. Sandstone has been used extensively in building; however, the tombs and theater in Petra are good examples of how poorly resistant to corrosion this type of stone is. Basalts have also been used extensively for construction, especially in the northeast of the country, for example, at Umm al-Jimal. Caliche was used in Jarash for pillars and square stones. Oolitic limestone is easily workable and served as the material for many structures.

9), that is, the Dead Sea (Peutinger Table 9; Avi-Yonah 1954: 40). 4). Tacitus describes a plain not far from a lake or Jewish Sea, which was once fertile and the site of great cities, which were devastated by lightning. 7). 26) locates a cavalry unit of the Roman army at Zoar, giving the site’s location as the southeast end of the Dead Sea (Seeck 1876: 73). The Targums do not give identifications for Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboiim. This may be because the rabbis thought the cities had been The “Cities of the Plain” and Lasha / 51 overcome by catastrophe, vanishing from the map so as to have no contemporary equivalent (Alexander 1974: 57, 181).

Natural Animal Resources Jordan is presently almost devoid of wild animals (Ahmad 1989: 66). There are some gazelle in the southern part of the country and boar inhabit the natural vegetation of the Jordan Valley. Small animals such as foxes, hedgehogs and hares are seen occasionally throughout the country. Hyenas are heard at night, and locals still tell stories of the presence of wolves. Due to decreased water levels (Ahmad 1989: 72–77), the many species of birds that once stopped at the Azraq Oasis on their migratory paths have diminished significantly.

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