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Considering the loving care with which Abbey describes the characters pulling up survey stakes and “decommissioning” heavy equipment, it is difficult not to imagine that the author intended the chapter as a how-to guide. Likewise, these suspicions can apply to the spree that follows, which involves the destruction of more roadbuilding equipment, a drill rig, barbed wire fences, and logging equipment, as well as a railroad bridge at the Peabody Coal Company strip mine at Black Mesa, Arizona. The importance of Abbey’s influence on Earth First!

In terms of the actual perpetrator. . This is the guy we need to pop to send a message, and that’s all we’re really doing. . If we don’t nail this guy . . ”80 In the end, he escaped jail by pleading guilty to a felony conspiracy charge for distributing copies of Ecodefense. He was placed on probation for five years. Earth First! After Foreman Even before the arrest of the Arizona Five, Earth First! had been split by internal disputes between deep ecologists who wanted to concentrate on wilderness and environmental issues (Foreman among them) and social ecologists who stressed the need to tie these issues to problems of social justice and change.

PETA has, however, been criticized for helping pay the legal fees of ALF members, a practice Newkirk defends by saying PETA merely wants to ensure that ALF members get fair trials. Extremists who act in the name of the ELF/ALF operate in secrecy and in small independent cells with no identifiable leader or hierarchy. There are no membership lists, no annual fees, and no magazines or journals. According to 45 Ecoterrorism ELF/ALF web sites and printed material, one “joins” the movement simply by taking action that adheres to a set of widely available guidelines.

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