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By Thomas Mannel

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The publication constitutes a compact evaluation of the functions of potent box conception equipment in flavour physics, with emphasis on heavy quark physics. the various proper purposes are mentioned to demonstrate the method.

It covers the complete variety of theoretical instruments with regards to the applying of the powerful box conception concept: ranging from the susceptible interactions as an efficient idea derived from the traditional version, well-established equipment corresponding to heavy quark powerful concept, the heavy quark mass growth and chiral perturbation thought are addressed. additionally more moderen principles akin to QCD factorization and delicate collinear potent conception are outlined.

Finally the traditional version itself is seen as a good idea, permitting a model-independent examine the result of the hot physics. The publication could be priceless for the complex graduate pupil in addition to for scientists who're attracted to the theoretical toolkit utilized in the context of flavour physics. it isn't intended as an entire assessment of the topic, fairly it may be valuable as an advent to the fundamental principles.

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The interaction of the quarks with the gluons is flavour independent; all flavour dependence in QCD is due only to the different quark masses. 54) is mass-independent and hence a flavour symmetry relating heavy quarks moving with the same velocity appears. 56) Lheavy = ¯bv (v · D)bv + c¯v (v · D)cv , where bv and cv are the field operator hv for the b and c quarks, respectively. This Lagrangian is obviously invariant under the SU (2)HF rotations bv cv → Uv bv cv , U ∈ SU (2)HF . 57) We have put a subscript v on the transformation matrix U , since this symmetry relates only heavy quarks moving with the same velocity.

74), the first line is still symmetric under heavy-flavour SU (2), while the term in the second line does not commute any more with Q± , but still commutes with Q3 . In other words, to order 1/mQ we still have common ˜ and |D ˜ . 75) n where the |n˜ form a complete set of states of the Hamiltonian Hsymm + Hbreak . 4 Heavy-Quark Symmetries 53 ˜ and |n˜ , respectively. In where EB and En are the energies of the states |B ˜ ˜ the case |n = |D the matrix element on the left-hand side will be of order unity, since both the numerator and the energy difference in the denominator are of the order of the symmetry breaking.

If we consider the decay b → c ν¯ , we can write the amplitude for this process in the full Standard Model. At tree level, this amplitude contains the propagator of a W boson between two left-handed currents. This process is depicted in the left Feynman diagram of Fig. 1. The maximal momentum transferred through this propagator is 2 = (mb − mc )2 , which is small compared with the W mass. 3) which, in position space, corresponds to an expansion of the W propagator into local terms 2 We shall see below that these naive arguments fail, since in a renormalizable theory the coupling constant, although dimensionless, depends on a dimensional quantity.

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