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IN starting shunt and compound-wound motors, no trouble is likely to occur in connecting the shunt-field coils to the circuit because their resistance is high. The difficulty is with the armature winding, its resistance being very low in order to obtain high efficiency If a low-resistance regulation, as already shown. and good speed winding be directly connected across the line terminals, the current \ ,^- FIG. 3. ELEMENTARY STARTING BOX. 28 = b ) + Ra horsepower motor to a value I a 816 amperes compared with rated current of only 37 amperes.

Ohms and the vertical line also in Armature Circuit GRAPHIC METHOD OF DETERMINING STARTING-BOX RESISTANCES. at the intersection of OP with IA draw a line JJ' parallel to O Y. m. gives speed the motor acquires on the first notch after acceleration ceases. m. gives the time of contact in seconds on the first notch. 1 . , for The table: results the remaining points. from the completed diagram are given in the following ELECTRIC MOTORS, THEIR ACTION AND CONTROL. 38 TABLE STARTING BOX DATA FROM IV.

F. " With the other conditions (e, b, n and p) constant, the speed (N) - -will vary inversely with the flux ($), as shown in the following transposed form of equation (2) e = 2p - io With the 8 X 60 or X N = X e it X 60 X $n 2p io8 b flux 4 to 5 per cent stronger cold than with : hot, the speed is 4 to when 5 b the field winding per cent lower. is This is an objectionable characteristic of the ordinary shunt motor for work requiring almost perfectly constant speed, such as weaving. It can be overcome variation of speed with heating of the field winding field so highly saturated that a moderate change in current produces only slight flux variation; or a field winding composed of wire having a zero temperature coefficient would secure by employing a field a like result.

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