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First, the relaxation of charge in systems involving media at rest is considered. Here the relaxation time is of fundamental importance in determining volume and surface charge densities that result from initial conditions and from excitations. 2 emphasis is given to the effect of steady motion on the relaxation of free charge. In this case the electric Reynolds number based on the material velocity is important. 4 then consider systems in which relaxation is affected by two characteristic times, a time that characterizes an electrical excitation and a time based on the material velocity and characteristic length.

Hence there is a lower limit on the material conductivity that will lead to a useful output voltage. 3 attention was given to the effect of material motion on the diffusion of magnetic fields excited in the sinusoidal steady state. These same ingredients are also present in the topic to be undertaken in this section, with attention now being given to currents and forces induced in the moving material. 18 shows a slab of conducting material that can be moving to the right with velocity V. 83) is excited.

Rosner, "Characteristics and a New Application of High-Field Superconductors," J. Appl. , 33, No. 7, 2292-2300 (July 1962). Magnetic Diffusion and Charge Relaxation External coils are used to impose the magnetic flux density B = i. 60) at z = 0, as shown in Fig. 12a, b, c. 60). These coils are connected to a high impedance voltmeter, which measures the rms value of vo, as shown in Fig. 12c. The coils are connected in series and in such a way that the voltage vo is proportional to the difference between the time rates of change of B,and B,.

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