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By Robert J. Daverman, Gerard A. Venema

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A topological embedding is a homeomorphism of 1 area onto a subspace of one other. The e-book analyzes how and while items like polyhedra or manifolds embed in a given higher-dimensional manifold. the most challenge is to figure out while topological embeddings of a similar item are an identical within the feel of differing in simple terms by way of a homeomorphism of the ambient manifold. Knot idea is the particular case of spheres easily embedded in spheres; during this e-book, even more normal areas and masses extra common embeddings are thought of. A key point of the most challenge is taming: while is a topological embedding of a polyhedron resembling a piecewise linear embedding? A important subject matter of the booklet is the elemental position performed via neighborhood homotopy houses of the supplement in answering this taming query. The booklet starts with a clean description of many of the vintage examples of untamed embeddings (i.e., embeddings inequivalent to piecewise linear embeddings). Engulfing, the basic instrument of the topic, is built subsequent. After that, the research of embeddings is geared up by way of codimension (the distinction among the ambient size and the measurement of the embedded space). In all codimensions more than , topological embeddings of compacta are approximated via nicer embeddings, great embeddings of polyhedra are tamed, topological embeddings of polyhedra are approximated by way of piecewise linear embeddings, and piecewise linear embeddings are in the community unknotted. whole info of the codimension-three proofs, together with the needful piecewise linear instruments, are supplied. The remedy of codimension-two embeddings features a self-contained, straightforward exposition of the algebraic invariants had to build counterexamples to the approximation and lifestyles of embeddings. The remedy of codimension-one embeddings comprises the in the neighborhood flat approximation theorem for manifolds in addition to the characterization of neighborhood flatness when it comes to neighborhood homotopy houses.

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Proof. Since X is compact, we can replace W with a compact ∂-manifold W that contains X in its interior. Now W is an ANR, so it is n-LC at x for every n and for every x. The compactness of W together with a Lebesgue number argument establishes the following uniform version of local connectivity: for each nonnegative integer n and for each > 0 there exists δ > 0 such that any map of ∂I n into a δ-subset of W extends to a map of I n into an -subset of W . Let > 0 be given. Choose δk such that any map of ∂I k into a δk -subset of W extends to a map of I k into an ( /2)-subset of W .

4 (Estimated Homotopy Extension Theorem). Let Y be an ANR, X a normal space, f : X → Y a map, b : Y → (0, ∞] another map, A a closed subset of X, U a neighborhood of A in X, and µ : A × I → Y a homotopy such that µ0 = f |A and diam µ({a} × I) < b(µ(a, t)) for all a ∈ A and t ∈ I. Then there exists a homotopy H : X × I → Y such that H0 = f , H|A × I = µ, H({x} × I) = f (x) for all x ∈ X U , and diam H({x} × I) < b(H(x, t)) for all x ∈ X and t ∈ I. Proof. Define a map F on Z = (X × {0}) ∪ (A × I) ⊂ X × I as f on X ×{0} and µ on A×I.

Taking products with Rn−k−1 , one recovers Rn as × S k /R, Rn = (Rn−k−1 × R1+ × S k )/Gk = Rn−k + × S k whose nondegenerate where R now denotes the decomposition of Rn−k + k n−k−1 × {0}. 7. 7. Viewing Rn as the k-spin of Rn−k + Similarly, upon taking one-point compactifications, one can view S n as the quotient space S n = (B n−k × S k )/Tk , where Tk denotes the decomposition of B n−k × S k into points and the k-spheres {x} × S k , x ∈ ∂B n−k . Here 38 1. 8. 8. Viewing S n as the k-spin of B n−k Let π : B n−k × S k → S n = (B n−k × S k )/Tk denote the quotient map.

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