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By E. M. Wilson Ph.D., M.Sc., F.I.C.E., M.A.S.C.E. (auth.)

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Fc is a function of rainfall intensity. If the intensity i increases, /c increases. This parameter has a greater effect on fc than any other variable. These correlations are illustrated in Fig. 1 for a typical agricultural soil. 1 lists some representative values of K,fo and /c for different soil types. The parameters K and /o are relatively stable for particular soils and do not vary noticeably with slope of catchment or rain intensity; fc on the other hand, varies widely with both and so is shown as a range of values.

Curve for stn. s:: Q. --curve for sin. B Time - - FIG. 13 Derivation of rainfall data X c: ;;; g c: c: 0 :E obrupt change indicates change of circumstances in gauge or observer . =: ~ ::> E ::> u --- Cumulative mean total annual rainfall at a number of nearby stat ions FIG. 6 Apparent trends in observed data. From several years' records it may seem that annual rainfall is, say, declining. It is important to know that this trend is independent of the gauging, and is due only to meteorological conditions.

A:: 5 ' ' ... ~~ ','" ... , r-.. ~"'r-. E - IllI! 34 6810 0·5 20 24 Hours Duration FIG. 4 Depth-area-time relationships. Precipitation rarely occurs uniformly over an area. Variations in intensity and total depth of fall occur from the centres to the peripheries of storms [9]. The form of variation is illustrated in Fig. 9, which shows for a particular 24 Engineering Hydrology FIG. A. (after Yarnall) max. : mean depth p ........ ......... :g c: ·c; . a:: ................. ................

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Engineering Hydrology by E. M. Wilson Ph.D., M.Sc., F.I.C.E., M.A.S.C.E. (auth.)

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